Your second pregnancy can come along with a lot mixed notions. You may not feel as excited as you were during your first pregnancy. The connection between you and your baby bump might not be as strong. Furthermore, you may feel the bond has become weaker. Apprehensions like such are momentary and shouldn’t make you worry or doubt your decision of bringing home the second baby.

Don’t let the guilt take over!
Your first child will forever be special. Not like the second baby will be any less. But in case you feel guilty that you are not able to love your first kid after the second baby comes home then realise it’s absolutely normal.
Every mom pregnant with her second baby tends to feel so. You got to take this in the manner that you won’t give up that something special with your first baby — in fact your second baby will add to the special moments. Happiness ratio will surely go square and not semi.
Just make sure you don’t make any changes that affect your first child’s needs. Continue spending time with your kid just like you always have. If at all you have to make any adjustment in the routine, let them settle in quietly without causing any difficulty to your first child.

You are a master now
Becoming a mom for the second time has its pros and you will feel proud of them. You have been through this phase while you were expecting your first kid. Now you are well aware of the do’s and don’ts which are going to make this period comparatively less difficult than it was the first time. All you have to do is trust yourself and your skills.
You will do well. The second baby is going to add a lot more happiness to the family. Congratulations Mom!

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