Congratulations! You are going to be a mom! After hearing these words from your gynecologist, there is strong possibility you are to feel a dozen emotions in one go! Ecstatic, nervous, glad, confused and every other possible emotion of this world are to make way in your mind and heart and at last leave you feeling insane. But if you realize- the only emotion that can define this feeling aptly is- Happiness.

You are going to give birth to a new life- whom you will love and care with all your heart. There can never be a single guide to tell you what to do and what to avoid in the coming 9 months but there are things you could keep in mind to keep your life sorted and much less stressed.

Nutrition is a necessity

The first week of pregnancy is the most crucial time for you to eat right! Temptations to load over that delicious chocolate pie or that mayonnaise filled burger will be many, but only a well-balanced diet will help your baby’s bones, organs and nervous system develop properly. Of course, once in a while giving in to temptations is permitted, however in no circumstances you can be careless in taking right nutrition.

Breathe in, breathe out

Exercising or practicing yoga will be your best buddies during the whole period of pregnancy. They aren’t just a great way to feel energetic, but will also help you get more comfortable with the new changes happening in your body. The extra stamina and strength that comes along by doing an hour of easy workout are a pleasing reward to your body.

By taking care of yourself, you will be taking care of your baby. And hence, it’s the best way of celebrating your pregnancy.

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