First and foremost, many congratulations on becoming a father. We bet, this phase of your life will be the most wonderful because your baby is an extension of you, who is here to give you unconditional love. You have been great in being with your wife in those 9 months, showering all the love and support. But your role doesn’t end there. The journey has just begun and you are the hero of this fairy-tale who has great responsibilities to take care of and trust us, you will be awesome in doing so.

Breastfeeding isn’t just a mom’s thing

Yep, that’s very true. The most integral food for your baby is breastmilk and breastfeeding is the sole process to accomplish this need of your new-born. But it isn’t necessary that a mom can only do it. You can successfully be a part of this process too. Medela’s Calma can effectively assist you in breastfeeding your baby. With the simple process, you can award your wife with some hours of leisure where she can take some time out for herself. You will be a pro at it in no time and the feeling of mastering this art is thoroughly magnificent.

Your bond with the little one

Being able to breastfeed your baby efficiently will not only help your spouse but will also bring you a lot more close to your baby. Those hours of holding the adorable little one in your hands and feeding breastmilk while spending some quiet quality time is inimitable. It’s a great feeling that you will experience when you share those “only daddy and baby hours. Breastfeeding comes with amazing pleasures that you can live exclusively while practising this method.

Go ahead and take charge by breastfeeding your new-born. You are going to love doing so, dear dad!

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