Ever since the moment she announces you those three magical words- I am pregnant, is when you must realise the need of being more caring and responsible for your lovely better half.

Yes dads-to-be, you are as responsible as your beloved wife in bringing the little bundle of joy in this world. Therefore, equal amount of efforts are needed from your end. No, you don’t have to build a mountain or break stones but only be considerate and caring enough towards the love of your life and make this journey easy for her.
Let us guide you a little on how to do this lovely husband/ father-to-be job.

Accompany her wherever possible

Markets, Doctor’s appointment, Yoga classes, grocery shopping, or just a walk outside home- she will love your company wherever you can be with her. No, you don’t have to quit your job and sit at home to do all this but taking some time out from your work schedule exclusively to show you care will make her feel really lucky to have you.
Sometimes she won’t ask for your attention and just when you give it on your own, she will adore you all the more.

Reduce her stress

Carrying a life inside the body is no easy deal for a mom-to-be. Stress is surely an uninvited guest that will stick to her throughout the period. Relieve her from it. A backrub massage before she sleeps or a morning tea served when she wakes up or doing other household work on some evenings, helping her stock up baby’s requirement products like Medela’s baby and mom care kit, among others will be a lot of help. A lot more than you can imagine.
Small gestures like these make a huge difference. Be a darling husband to her and trust us, she will feel truly blessed to have you as her life partner!

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