This is it. The moment has arrived. Maternity leaves are over. Your time to return back to work is here. As much as this feeling is frightening, just keep one thing in mind- It will not be so difficult, not as much as you are thinking or perceiving it to be. Of course, staying away from your little sight of joy will break you down at times, but trust us, eventually you will be proud of yourself on how terrifically you managed to balance life both at work and home.

Continue your care with Medela

We agree. Breastfeeding has no substitutes. The precious way of sealing the special bond with your newborn can’t ever be replaced. However while you plan to return to work, Medela’s feeding products can assure you of giving your baby the complete nutrition of your breastmilk. They are safe, BPA free and quite convenient. So bring Medela home and bid adieu to all your feeding worries.

Trust your capability

We often come across such concerns from new moms where they worry of not being able to handle the two major responsible roles of life but oh dear new mom, you are totally capable and efficient to phenomenally perform both the roles of working professional and a mother. Stop questioning your own efficiency. You have got the talent. You can take on the world bravely while being the best mom to your baby. Just keep faith in yourself and the rest will fall in place. Eventually.

Making it work will not be easy but it will not be tough and with time, you will love the challenge of taking care of both the responsibilities not just in an okay manner but perfectly!

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