There are two sides of every possibility in the world. Similarly, no matter how beautiful it is to be pregnant with a baby, it can get tiring and stressful at times. This is why doing fun things to ease this stress and pass the phase of pregnancy without troubling yourself much can be a wise decision.

Indulge yourself

Yes. Be it food cravings, massages, sleep or any hobby, pregnancy can be a great time for you to indulge in things that make you feel terrific about yourself. Getting bored at home can be avoided with all such self-pampering activities. Listen to some good music, read a book you have been trying to finish since long or spend some time with your friends. All this and more will also be rejuvenating for you.

Capture it all in a scrapbook

Some prefer writing it all in a diary to share their thoughts and experiences. However, for those who are not a diary person can capture it all in a scrapbook. With photos of a vacation or a day off that you took during your pregnancy period or the day when you conceived or a surprise dinner with your spouse: just anything and everything that is worthy of a memory can all make it to your scrapbook. This little scrapbook will be one of the most priceless possession after your baby is born.

Try these out and let your pregnancy phase be more exciting and fun.
Goodluck Dear mom-to-be!

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