Getting back to work is probably the last thing in a mom’s mind when all she can think of is her baby’s health and setting up in the new phase. Becoming a parent comes with so many responsibilities that it almost blinds the existence of work especially for the mom. But there comes a time when maternity leave is about to be over and the fear of returning to work makes way.

Sleeve up and systematise

Staying organised can be your weapon of keeping the unnecessary worries at bay. All it takes is some effort to see how things will work out the best. A system of how everything will be in operation when you are at work — e.g., arranging for your baby’s food, letting the baby’s care-taker know about all its necessary needs etc. — will definitely make you feel light and sorted.

You are ready to take on the world!

Yes, your life is indeed different from how it was before your pregnancy. You may also have changed in appearance but the confidence of winning the world is still right there! It’s okay to be nervous before returning to work. In fact, little nervousness will make you give your best when at work. Let your confidence take charge. Push away all those notions that tell you- ‘You can’t!’ You have done it before and you will do it again. Have a complete belief in yourself and your capabilities.

This routine will take no time to set in. You will be awesome in managing both your work and your baby!

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