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About Us

Medela has been working with researchers in breast milk for over 60 years. At Medela, we’re committed to giving mothers everywhere the support they need to feed their babies their amazing mother’s milk for as long as possible. It contains everything your baby needs to grow and develop – the right amounts of proteins, fats, lactose, vitamins, iron, minerals, water and enzymes.

We’re here to support every breast milk feeding mother with our knowledge, our expertise and our unique range of products, including our Swiss-made breast pumps, the trusted choice of healthcare professionals worldwide. Like every Medela product, from nursing bras to nipple shields to storage bags and more, they are designed to help make feeding your baby mother’s milk easier and more comfortable.


Medela aims to promote the health of mother and baby via its breastfeeding products as mother’s milk gives complete form of nutrition to the baby and is also essential for good health of the two. In our business area of "Breastfeeding", we provide you with solutions and lots of useful information to make your motherhood- “A Celebration Indeed”.


Medela has a successful history that extends over a remarkable journey of more than fifty years along with striking numerous milestones. Medela has expanded its market presence globally and with innovative products, they have repeatedly set new standards.


Knowledge-based - We believe in innovation through knowledge and thus, all our products and services are based on rigorous research through intensive dialogue with health-care professionals, patients and customers.

Trustworthy - “We do what we say and we say what we do.” – This is the reason why we are the preferred partner for leading hospitals, healthcare professionals and customers.

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