5 Pumping tips to get more milk out in less time

Being a new mother, it is completely okay to be worried about ensuring sufficient breast milk supply for your newborn babies. Mother’s milk is the ideal food for babies – from preemies to full-term babies. That said, mothers with a full-time job may find it difficult to breastfeed or express regularly, which might lead to low milk supply. If you have the same problem, fret not because we have a solution. You can follow the 5 techniques shared below to make your pumping sessions more efficient and ensure more milk every time you express. 


  1. Know the product before using it: Knowing how to use the product would make the pumping sessions more efficient. So, read the instruction manual and get familiar with the know-how of breast pumps. This will increase your confidence with a breast pump and make pumping sessions more efficient. There are plenty of resources such as online blogs and even Youtube videos which can be really helpful to understand the products better.      


  1. Establish a routine: With your full-time job to manage, it is very easy to forget about expressing. Setting reminders for pumping breaks after every 2-3 hours can help you remember. Expressing consistently is an important factor to maintain your milk supply, especially when you are away from your baby. Depending on how much time you have, use the hands-on pumping technique for 10-15 minutes. You can also do the hand-expression session for 5-6 minutes over a sink until you can express.    


  1. Increase frequency: Frequency of expressing is the most important factor in boosting milk supply. You can increase the frequency of expressing to empty your breasts more often and signal your breasts to make more milk. Some moms using breast pumps have witnessed a great response to adding an early morning nursing or pumping session. Another way to boost the milk supply is to express right after the baby is finished with feeding. Pumping right after nursing the baby stimulates the body to produce more milk and increase the supply, even if it is only a bit more.  


  1. Start using your hands for breast compression: When babies breastfeed, they apply suction and compression to get more milk out. However, pumping alone only provides suction and leave out compression. Research suggests using hands to give breast massage along with compression while expressing helps get more milk out. Mothers can either use expression bustier - an additional accessory which lets you go hands-free. Once your hands are free, you can use them to massage your breast while expressing. 


  1. Use larger pumps: Smaller pumps are less efficient compared to larger pumps which are capable of extracting more milk out of your breast in lesser time, saving you a lot of time. Medela offers three different categories of breast pumps: manual, single and double electric types. While manual and single electric pumps are good enough for new mums, if it’s not you can use double electric pumps to be more efficient. You can also use hospital grade pumps such as Symphony electric pump which is ideal for frequent and long-term breast pumping. 


A baby is both parents’ responsibility. So, if you face any problem, don’t shy away from asking for help from your partner or your in-laws. Though, as long as the baby is healthy and growing you’re doing a good job. However, if the problem persists, consult a doctor or a lactation expert.