5 Tips to Set Up a Lactation Station at Home

Mother’s milk is considered as the best source of nutrients needed for a new-born baby’s ceaseless growth and development. However, nursing the little one isn’t a cakewalk and especially if you’re new to this whole motherhood thing, it can take a toll on your daily schedule. Perfecting your baby’s latch can be a struggle for you. However, having some essential things by your side during nursing can make your breastfeeding journey comfortable to a great extent. 

One of the best ways to ensure a perfect breastfeeding journey is to set up a lactation station at home. It is nothing but a private space at home dedicated for breastfeeding mothers to express milk breast milk for her baby. A well-defined and articulately equipped lactation station at home can make life much easier for you and your baby as it can help you eliminate stress and ensure convenient and successful breastfeeding sessions throughout. Having a home lactation centre allows you to spend more time with your little one thereby strengthening the bond between you two. With everything you need handy, you can transform the entire breastfeeding experience into a joyous and satisfying one. We, with the help breastfeeding experts and lactation consultants, have accumulated five simple tips which can help you to set up a nursing station at home without much complication. Read on and get ready for a great nursing experience.


  1. Get a Comfortable Nursing Chair

A nursing chair, originally found in Victorian homes, is a chair used by mothers to breastfeed their infants for making the process comfortable and stress-free.  While setting up a lactation station at home, it is essential that you choose the nursing chair with much research. Always look for chairs with wide padded armrest for better positioning while breastfeeding. Safety being a prime concern, it is important that the chair you’re purchasing is of the finer quality and reliable enough to be risk-free. Since breastfeeding takes a lot of effort, your nursing chair should make the process easier and therefore it needs to be easily operable. Choose a style according to your preference and comfort to make your breastfeeding experience a soothing one.


  1. A Good Nursing Pillow Can Make Things Better

The first few days of feeding your baby with breast milk can be really difficult and you may suffer from various postpartum strains owing to breastfeeding. A nursing pillow is described as a supportive pillow that helps promote proper positioning and easy latching of a breastfeeding baby. it can be your saviour and change things for the better. Use of pillows for support while breastfeeding can help you alleviate nursing related strains from your arms, shoulders and back and can ensure a comfortable nursing experience. Furthermore, nursing pillows ensure a good latch for the baby as using the pillow will allow you to hold him in the desired nursing position.


  1. Keep All the Necessary Supplies Well in Stock

Get all the essential nursing supplies like hand sanitizer, nursing pads, burp clothes, paper towels etc. well in advance and stack them in your nursing station for it to be well-equipped at all times. Since breastfeeding burns a lot of calories and can make you low in energy, it is always a good idea to keep some healthy snacks in your station for you to get the much needed post-feeding boost as the act of breastfeeding normally consumes around 25% of your body energy.


  1. Maintain a Feeding Log

Preparing and maintaining a feeding log of your baby can help you manifold. Keeping a track of your little one’s feeding time and duration can help monitor your baby’s breastfeeding habit. To make things easier you can also keep a track of wet and soiled diapers your baby produces each day. This entire information can be used in identifying potential health concerns of your baby by a paediatrician. Create a feeding log using a timer and digital watch which will allow you to note the time and duration of each feeding.


  1. Proper Lighting Ensures Proper Nursing

Lighting plays a significant role in nursing as improper low lighting can create problems for both the mother and the baby during nursing. Breastfeeding is a tricky business and therefore, it is important that you’re able to see what you are doing, which becomes difficult under poor and insufficient lighting. Moreover under low lighting, late night feedings can be really troublesome and there are possibilities that the surrounding area becomes cluttered and messy.

Following the above tips, you can build a comfortable nursing station at your home without any difficulty. Remember that breastfeeding sessions need to be comfortable to ensure a healthy future for both you and your baby. 

If you still find it troublesome to set up a lactation centre at home, get in touch with a lactation consultant or breastfeeding expert who’ll be able to help you in assembling the same. Fathers can also be of great help and contribute towards setting up an efficient breastfeeding station at home. Owing to the common notion that breastfeeding is only a woman’s business, many fathers despite their willingness to help, keep themselves out of it. Include your partner right from the beginning of the breastfeeding process and make them feel to be a part of it. While setting up a lactation centre at home, fathers can take care of the logistics and also, help you in making the necessary arrangements. With a comprehensible nursing station at home, you can have an enjoyable and hassle-free breastfeeding experience.