Breastfeeding Twins or Multiples

Congratulations! You are now a part of an elite group of parents who are blessed with multiples. You are a member of a special force with an exciting new adventure ahead of you, which will leave you with an unbridled strength, happiness and pride. It is a beautiful period that comes with its own challenges. Breastfeeding multiples being the toughest one. The good news is that you have every bit of support from your family, friends and there’s no reason why you should shy away from seeking it. We would like to make your breastfeeding journey easier by listing a few guidelines, which when followed with diligence, should make things easier for you. Additionally, you can get in touch with a lactation consultant and get appropriate help for a successful breastfeeding journey.


  1. Taking proper guidance on breastfeeding multiples and clearing your basics about feeding your little ones is advisable. It’s all about expectation management and  getting ready beforehand, not waiting for things to get out of hand. There are chances that you will be homebound, and may have to say goodbye to sleep. You have to believe us when we tell you it is going to get better. It’s all about finding the right plan and sticking to it.


  1. Maintaining skin-to-skin contact with your babies is the best way to make a good start in breastfeeding. Typically, as soon as you give birth to your multiples you should start breastfeeding them immediately. However, there can be cases, where you may not be able to nurse your babies directly from your breast. In such cases, it is important that you take advice from your paediatrician or a lactation consultant to help you out. It is important that you make your intentions clear to your partner or the medical practitioner attending you about your plans on breastfeeding your babies.


  1. There are mothers who are apprehensive about the sufficiency of the milk for their babies. However, there’s nothing to fret about. You’ll be able to produce sufficient milk for your babies to keep them content. It’s a fact that the more you feed your breast milk, the more you produce. A research finding states that breastfeeding mums of triplets can produce 3 litres of milk per day.(1) So keep your worries at bay and keep breastfeeding the natural and preferably the only one way to feed your babies. The moment you feel that one of them is showing the signs of being hungry, feed them. This is the only way of ensuring that you maintain an adequate supply of milk.


  1. Another thing you need to consider is that your babies might be born on the same day, but they have their own individuality. What is true for one may not be for another. There’s a possibility that one might feed more than the others, for example. It’s natural for them to behave differently. You might find it uncomfortable to breastfeed your twins, due to strains in your wrists, arms, back or shoulders. A breastfeeding pillow can come to help in such a case. There are specifically designed breastfeeding pillows available in the market.


  1. Ever wondered whether to breastfeed to one at a time or both the babies at once? Both the methods have their own advantages. To make your breastfeeding sessions a smooth one it is advisable to try different positions and settle for the ones most comfortable. For better understanding take proper guidance from a lactation consultant and take precautionary measures.


Above all, you need to take good care of yourself. Ask your friends and family for a helping hand during times of crisis or just to take care of other things on your behalf. Your health is the most essential thing, which can ensure a healthy lifestyle for you and your babies. Happy motherhood to you!