Debunking Breastfeeding Myths

Being a new mum can be pretty tiring, as you’ve to go through a lot of struggles during the initial days. Breastfeeding can turn out to be a real task, if you’re entirely new to breastfeeding journey. Moreover, with all those myths regarding breastfeeding doing the rounds, many new mothers might find themselves amidst an ocean of confusion. If you’re also one from the lot, don’t worry. We’ve debunked some common myths about breastfeeding below to make your journey smooth. Read on.


  1. Myth: Breast Engorgement is Normal

When you breastfeed, you may experience a lot of changes in your breasts, in terms of shape and size. Breast enlargement is common in many breastfeeding mothers and it is quite normal. That said, if your breasts are engorged, you must visit the Doctor because it’s not at all normal. 

Breast engorgement occurs when milk is produced, but not let out for a long time, causing the breast ducts to be filled with milk. This might even lead to painful conditions like mastitis. So, in such a case, it is advisable to approach a lactation consultant instead of sitting at home, thinking it to be normal. 


  1. Myth: Drink Lots of Milk to Produce Enough Milk

If you hate drinking milk, it’s completely fine not to drink it. You will still be able to produce enough milk to breastfeed your baby. To breastfeed your newborn properly, you just need to maintain a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins. Calcium, which is important for a baby’s growth, can be obtained from various sources other than milk or dairy products. 

Create a healthy diet regime for yourself and you’ll be able to provide all the essential nutrients your baby needs. If you’re finding it difficult to prepare an appropriate diet plan, it is suggested that you get in touch with a lactation consultant and get the necessary help. 


  1. Myth: Too Much Breast Milk Makes Your Baby Fat

If you’ve heard this already, take it out of your mind before you start believing it. The composition of breast milk ensures perfect nutrition for the baby. Therefore, new mums should keep in mind that their breast milk is never going to harm the baby in any way. 

Breast milk composition changes over weeks and months as per the needs of the baby, to ensure your little ones are getting a balanced diet. So, never keep away from breastfeeding your baby, presuming too much breast milk can make him or her fat.


  1. Myth: Sour Mood, Sour Milk

Seriously? The quality of milk has nothing to do with your mood or temperament. As humans, getting angry or upset is absolutely normal - and being a mother, you’re no different. Both you and your baby may have a difficult time breastfeeding when you’re stressed, but it doesn’t mean that the breast milk you’re feeding your baby is of any less quality. Instead, breastfeeding, when you’re stressed out, can have positive effects on you. 

Breastfeeding releases certain hormones, which can have a calming effect on your body and mind, thereby helping you relieve the stress. So, never let your emotions become hurdles in your nursing journey.


  1. Myth: Don’t Exercise While You’re Nursing

Nursing and taking care of your health are nowhere interconnected. So, no matter what people say, it is crucial that you take proper care of your body even while you breastfeed. That said, there are slight chances of your breast milk becoming sour if you have a rigorous workout regime. A heavy workout leads to the release of lactic acid in your body which can mix up with your breast milk. 

Though, in such cases, just let out a few drops of milk before you breastfeed your baby and you’re good to go. 

Apart from the above, there are numerous other breastfeeding myths which can leave you brooding over the authenticity of the statements. Being a new mum, you may find it difficult to demystify them and thus, you may need someone to guide you through. 

If you have any doubt regarding breastfeeding, consult a lactation consultant and get your queries answered.