Debunking Nursing Bra Myths

Choosing a nursing bra that fits and supports your body while it prepares for changes such as growth in your breast size, etc. that would occur as you become a mother is an essential need. However, as new mothers you’ll hear a lot of unsolicited advice about breastfeeding bras - and even though most of them are well-intentioned, they can be completely wrong. Let’s talk about the common nursing bra myths and shed some light on them so you that your apprehensions are put at bay.  


  1. Myth: Nursing bras are ugly


Nursing bras are available in all shapes, sizes and colours that compliment all skin tones. They do not; at all, resemble boring old nursing bras, as one might think. To be sure, you can visit our maternity intimate apparel range and check-out the nursing bras. Nursing bras are designed keeping both utility and aesthetics in mind. And if talk about their comfort, some women continue to use it even a year after their baby has weaned. 


  1. Myth: Nursing bras are underwired 


Underwired bras are nothing but uncomfortable despite the numerous benefits associated with using it. In many cases underwired bras can cause mastitis - an inflammation of the breast tissue like plugged ducts or a breast infection. The important thing to know here is - nursing bras are nothing like underwired bras. Nursing bras are wire-free, non-padded, and are designed to provide unconditional support to nursing mothers. 


  1. Myth: Nursing & pumping is an ordeal with nursing bras 


Pumping takes time and let’s be honest, time is a luxury for new mums with all the feeding, changing diapers, etc. to do. So, as breastfeeding mothers, you would always aim at making the most of your time. Considering that, the last thing you would want is to do is change your bras between breastfeeding and pumping. This could have been a hassle but nursing bras are flexible enough to make both breastfeeding and pumping equally blissful. That said, if you still have doubts, you can use easy expression bustier. The product can be used on its own or over a bra to make pumping and breastfeeding simultaneously comfortable. 


  1. Myth: Nursing bras are not comfortable


Irrespective of what people say about nursing bras, it is designed to provide 100% support to nursing mothers while they are expressing or pumping, and in-between. The fabric nursing bras are made-up of are so comfortable, women can wear it even when their baby has weaned. The bras fit like an extension of you and so at times you won’t even feel like you’re wearing one. 


Nursing bras are essential to make your breastfeeding journey smooth and convenient. Take your time and pay attention to the fabric, size, and type of bra before buying it.