Impact of breastfeeding on physical development

Being a woman, the birth of your baby is probably the most awaited and joyous moment of your life. After taking care of the baby for all these months in your womb when your little one finally sees the world, that moment is priceless, isn’t it? Although physically developed, the newborn’s nervous system and brain are only partially matured at birth. Therefore it is crucial that they get all the essential nutrients for their overall development. Renowned doctors and paediatricians all over the world suggest mothers to feed their babies with their breast milk which is regarded as the best source of nutrition for the first six months of life. According to reports, breast milk contains over 1,000 proteins essential for the baby’s growth and development(1)


At the time of birth and during the first few days, infants are prone to various complications which may be fatal at times, especially in case of preemies as they’re weaker at birth than a normally born baby. Thus it is of utmost importance that the baby, whether premature or full-grown, gets the needed care and studies suggest that there cannot be anything ideal than breast milk. Mother’s milk is that protective wall which can keep the baby safe from all health problems during those crucial initial days and beyond. 


After a lot of scientific proof and evidence, the whole world has come to an agreement that mother’s milk is the best gift a baby can get when it comes to perfect growth and development of the child. Let’s have a look at how breast milk helps both the baby and mother to achieve the desired results and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   


Feeding of breast milk at the initial stages of birth helps both the baby and mother in the long run. Mother’s milk is the ultimate source of nutrition for an infant as it helps her to obtain the required immunological protection which ensures holistic development of the little one. Moreover, close body contact between the mother and baby at the initial stage enhances and regulates the little one’s temperature, respiration and acid base balance, thereby soothing her. It also helps to prolong the lactation period and thus, strengthens the mother-baby bonding at an early phase. Besides, breastfeeding can aid both the mother and the baby to attain various other long-term benefits.


Among several enduring advantages of breast milk, the foremost is preparing the baby for the battle of life by helping him or her to develop strong immunity and a sharp brain. Breastfeeding, along with your baby, helps you in maintaining proper health for life. Additionally, lactation reduces the risk of several life-threatening diseases like ovarian and breast cancer, osteoporosis, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disorders(2). Along with physical advantages, breastfeeding also benefits mothers psychologically and helps them develop enhanced self-confidence. As far as your baby is concerned, feeding breast milk reduces the risks of obesity and various other health problems such as food allergies, asthma, eczema, celiac disease, Type I and Type II diabetes etc. which can create problems in later stages of the life of your cute little heartthrob. Studies have also found that breastfeeding for a longer period of time helps the babies attain a higher IQ. 

With so many amazing benefits, breast milk is definitely the best and ideally the solo source of providing the baby with all the vital nutrients essential for its infallible growth and development. Therefore if you’re a new mum or expecting to deliver soon and wondering about whether to breastfeed your baby or not, don’t think any further. By this time you must have understood the importance and impact of breast milk in the physical and overall development of your baby. 


Now that your doubts are clear, make sure that you feed your baby with your breast milk and ensure a blissful motherhood journey ahead with your little one. Happy breastfeeding!