Is exclusive breast pumping a thing? Find out

If you’re a new mum, you must know that your breast milk is the best for your baby, as your milk has all the essential nutrients needed for an infallible growth. However, there may be times when you may not be able to breastfeed your baby, owing to various circumstances. That is when you can go for exclusive pumping, which is a great way to provide your baby with all the essentials of breast milk, without having to worry about its nutritional needs.


Exclusive pumping is the process through which you express milk from your breast at regular intervals during the course of the day. Exclusive pumping can be of enormous help, yet it isn’t as easy as it sounds. The process can be time-consuming and arduous in nature. The biggest challenge arises when you continue pumping for longer hours. Knowing a few things can help you in pumping breast milk for your baby easily to get the necessary nutrients.

Whether you don’t want to or can’t, you do wonder how many times you’d have to pump the breast milk to have sufficient amount for your baby. It entirely depends on your child’s age and growth. Usually, a newborn takes a bottle of breast milk every 2 to 3 hours. Thus, during the initial days, you should try to pump at least 8 to 12 times a day, which is every 2 – 3 hours throughout the day. This will help to stimulate your body to produce healthy milk supply. Over time, you can just reduce the frequency with your baby’s feeding habits.

If you are wondering how long each session should be, just know that you need to pump for at least 15 to 20 minutes on each side. In order to ensure a consistent production of breast milk, do ensure that you empty your breasts in each pumping session. It’s all about demand and supply. Emptying your breasts would be a cue for your body to produce more milk. First few days post the birth, you’ll only be able to express a small amount of colostrums, the first breast milk, which is very nutritious. Since it is concentrated and heavy with all the nutrients, your baby needs only a tiny amount of it.

It can be a herculean task to maintain a healthy milk supply, when you are exclusively pumping. As you have to pump regularly and sometimes, even at night. It is important that you take care of a few things which can help you in maintaining and increasing your milk supply.


Invest wisely on the breast pump

For best results always go for high quality breast pumps. You can get premium quality breast pumps from Medela that will ensure superior comfort and convenience. Designed with easy-to-fit pump shields, which prevent your breast from pain or damage, they are your most trusted partner in your breastfeeding journey. The criteria for you to choose a pump of paramount importance is comfort.


Maintain good pumping frequency

To maintain an adequate supply of milk, you also need to take care of the frequency with which you express your breast milk. Since frequent pumping results in further production of breast milk, it is always advisable that you pump milk every 2 to 3 hours to keep and maintain the milk supply.



Take care of you

Moreover, it is extremely crucial that you take good care of yourself. A healthy body is totally capable of producing enough milk, sufficient for a newborn’s needs. Eat well, drink a lot of healthy fluids and take rest whenever you can. Keep yourself healthy and fit, and there should not be any problem during your motherhood and the breastfeeding journey.


Exclusive pumping is definitely a thing and you can make it more comfortable by involving your partner, family and friends. A little help is a sure way of being stress-free and managing fatigue that comes with exclusive breast pumping. The longer you provide breast milk to your baby, the better and healthier it is for him. Following the above mentioned steps and taking help from your loved ones can make exclusive breastfeeding easier.