Reasons to Nurse Only from One Breast


Are you a new mother and noticed that one of your breasts produce more milk than the other? Are you wondering if it’s normal? Don’t fret. it's not uncommon for babies to have an inclination towards one breast more than another. Your newborn might find it hard to latch on to one of your breasts or might reject feeding from one breast for a number of reasons, such as:


1. Anatomical Differences

Asymmetrical issue is common among many mothers across the globe. It is completely natural to have one breast with more active ducts or alveoli, compared to the other. Usually, it is observed that the left breast has more active ducts than the right one.(1) So, when you feed your baby, make sure that your baby is latching on to the appropriate breast for him or her to get the adequate feeding.


2. Baby’s Preference

There are cases, where it has been witnessed that babies prefer to feed from only one side of the breast. This is because that one feeding position might be more comfortable to him or her than the other. However, this happens for a very short period of time. In most cases, It’s a result of an ear infection or a recent vaccination. Once the baby recovers, he or she starts feeding from both breasts.


3. Mother’s Preference

Just like the babies, mothers too can have preferences about breastfeeding only from one of the breasts. Sometimes it happens unknowingly, where in some cases mothers willingly do so, as they feel more comfortable in that position. You too may feel the same, but that’s absolutely normal. However, it is suggested that whenever you nurse your baby, try to feed him or her from both sides of your breast.


4. Injury or Surgery

Injuries or surgeries can be another reason which may compel mothers to breastfeed using just one of the breasts. If you’ve undergone a breast surgery or if you’re suffering from an injury, it may create problems in milk production. However, in such a case you can consult your doctor and take the necessary precautions.


5. Breast Mastitis

Mastitis can be really painful and can appear as a hinder in breastfeeding. If you’re suffering from mastitis, it is important that you see a doctor and get treated as soon as possible. When you have mastitis, the taste of milk changes and become salty, and that is one of the reasons why the babies refuse to drink milk from that particular breast.


Mothers choose to breastfeed only from one side because of the advantages that come with it.  Reasons could vary from mere convenience to certain situations like more milk supply or a condition. Reasons aside, it’s absolutely up to you how you want to breastfeed your baby. The only thing you need to concern yourself with are an established milk supply and steady growth rate of your baby.