What goes into breastfeeding wardrobe

Going into the labour room can be both exciting and anxious at the same time. Chances are that you might even forget a few breastfeeding essentials owing to the haste. It always makes sense to pack your maternity bag in advance. Here’s a maternity bag checklist which would help you and your baby get breastfeeding off to a good start. 


  1. Night dressing gown: Getting admitted to the hospital means you’re going to stay there for a few days. A soft dressing gown can be useful for pacing around the room during labour and afterwards. 


  1. Nursing bras and vests: New mothers are likely to face problems with their regular bras and vests while breastfeeding. Therefore, it is recommended to buy nursing bras and vests made of comfortable fabric to support breastfeeding. Remember to buy a stretchable bra which can adjust to the growing and shrinking of your breasts after your baby is born. 


  1. Heavy-duty maternity pads: Postpartum time can be difficult and is usually accompanied by excessive bleeding. The hospital might provide some but just in case they don’t you should have plenty of heavy-duty maternity pads in your maternity bag.  


  1. Breastfeeding pads: New mothers are likely to find their breasts leaking during the first few weeks following childbirth. Though leaky breasts won’t be a problem in the first few weeks since milk hasn’t ‘come-in’ properly by then, later on, it might not be good. Pack enough breastfeeding pads to ensure colostrum - the first breast milk body generates, doesn’t leak from your nipples. 


  1. Breastfeeding nightwear: It is definitely a must-have for every woman soon to be a mother. However, breastfeeding nightwear that you pack have to be really comfortable and should allow easy access to your breasts while nursing the baby. Ultra-comfortable nightwear also ensures nursing pads stay in position and support breastfeeding. 


  1. Plenty of sanitizers: Newborn babies are fragile and equally vulnerable. You wouldn’t want to pass on germs from your hands to your baby. So, carry plenty of sanitizers and use it every time you touch something which may possibly be contaminated, especially before nursing your baby.  


  1. Breastfeeding-friendly dresses: Breastfeeding-friendly dresses with features like discreet flaps, slits or wrap-over panels can make your life post childbirth really easy. Pack clothes, be it gowns or pajamas, which let your newborn feed easily. Remember to consider your breast and your belly size which would change following childbirth. 


  1. Lanolin cream: The first few days post-childbirth is accompanied by nipple soreness. Though it is very common, the irritation can be unbearable sometimes. So, packing just enough lanolin cream can be helpful. Lanolin cream soothes and moisturises nipples. Moreover, it is non-toxic so you don’t have to wash it off before breastfeeding your baby.  


  1. Breastfeeding cover or apron: Breastfeeding is a beautiful phase in a new mother’s life and there’s no shame in it. That said, in situations where you need privacy there are breastfeeding apron or anything which you can use as a cover might help you avoid that discomfort. 


Once your maternity bag is well stocked, don’t forget to consult lactation experts near you. Keep the bag right next to your front door so you’ll be ready when the baby decides to show up.