Health issues

Sometime you may face special situations. You or your baby may have medical complications; you might be separated from your baby and fear for the well being of your little one. But even in such a difficult situation you may begin or continue to breastfeed or expressing your milk. Breastfeeding and your milk provide optimal nutrition and other benefits for your baby even or especially if special health care might be needed.

Health issues with baby

If your baby is born with a cleft lip or palate, if he has a neurological impairment or suffers from other medical problems, your milk will most probably be the best nutrition available. And only you can provide your milk for him. There are only few very rare conditions where a baby is not allowed to have breastmilk or can not be feed only with breastmilk.

Health issues with mother

A lot of people think that if a mother is ill, she cannot breastfeed. But this is not true. Weaning is rarely necessary when a breastfeeding mother is ill and often times it is far easier to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding saves time and energy. In most cases it is possible to find medications that are compatible with breastfeeding. If it will happen that you fall sick, in most situations there will be a solution to save your breastfeeding relationship. Sometimes it might be necessary to temporarily interrupt breastfeeding but it is possible to resume breastfeeding even after a break.

Ask your health care professional and your lactation specialist for help in such special situations.

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