Your baby needs to latch-on to the breast properly to make sure he may get enough milk and to avoid damage to your nipples.

Bring your baby close to your breast and touch your nipple to your baby's lower lip. As soon as he opens his mouth wide, quickly pull him in to latch on. Your nipple should be pointing to the roof of your baby's mouth. You will recognize the proper attachment of your baby to the breast by the following signs:

  • The baby's chin is touching the breast
  • His mouth is wide open and he has a „mouthful of breast"
  • His lower lip is turned outward
  • You can see more of the areola above than below his mouth
  • You have no pain
  • An effective suckling baby starts with short sucks and goes on to slow deep sucks with pauses. You can see and hear the swallowing of your baby.

Breastfeeding should not hurt. A little bit of nipple tenderness is normal during the early days. However, sore, bleeding or cracked nipples are not normal and should be checked by your lactation specialist or health care provider.

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