My Breastmilk - Composition

Breastmilk is best for all babies. It contains all the ingredients for a healthy new life. It not only provides nourishment, but also has immunological and developmental benefits that are unique for each mother infant dyad.

Breastmilk is everchanging, and it adapts to the needs of the growing baby. It‘s content fluctuates during the day and over the months.
From the beginning it is just right for your baby.

There are 3 main stages that your milk goes through: Colostrum, Transitional milk and Mature milk.


During the first days after the birth a woman produces special milk that looks thick, sticky and yellowish. It is only in very small amounts, but is just perfect for your new baby. This special milk is called colostrum and contains large quantities of antibodies and growth factors. It enhances the development of the baby’s gastro-intestinal tract and its anti-infective agents act like a first immunization.

Colostrum has a laxative effect which helps the baby to pass the meconium (the first stool) and helps to prevent neonatal jaundice by clearing the bilirubin from the gut.

Transitional Milk

During the following two weeks, the milk increases in quantity and changes in appearance and composition. The immunoglobulins and protein contents decrease whereas fat and sugar contents increase. At this time, the breasts may feel full, hard and heavy. This normal engorgement of the mother’s breasts – sometimes referred to as „coming-in“ of the milk – can be alleviated by frequent feedings.

Mature Milk

Mature milk looks thinner and more watery than cow's milk which might be sometimes confusing. But it contains all the nutrients needed for healthy development of the baby. Breastmilk is never „too thin“. Mature milk changes during the length of a single feed to exactly suit the needs of a baby.

The milk that flows at the beginning of a feed is low in fat and high in lactose, sugar, protein, vitamin, minerals and water. As the feed goes on, the milk changes to contain more fat and less sugar.

What is in breastmilk?

If we think about the foods that we eat, there are 3 main components:

1. Proteins

2. Fats

3. Carbohydrates

As with our food, there are many other things in there too.

All mammalian milk has these 3 main components, but in different quantities. For example whale milk is extremely high in fat but is low in carbohydrates, whereas cows milk has more protein and less carbohydrates than human milk. This shows that human milk is designed for human babies, with all ingredients at just the right amount.

Many of the components of breastmilk have a unique immunogical benefit which help protect the newborn infant. Antibodies from the mother pass to the baby and provide an extra protection that only breastmilk can do.

All in all, breastmilk is the perfect food for you baby, it provides the right amount the baby needs, with just the right ingredients, at the right temperature and offers extra protection that no other milk can do.

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