The lactation period is a special time in your life. But it is not a time with long lists of do's and don'ts. You do not need to eat special foods or drink milk while breastfeeding and usually it is not necessary to avoid certain foods or beverages with the exception of alcohol. Even caffeinated beverages can be consumed in limited amounts.

Some babies may react when a mother eats certain foods but this does not mean that every mother needs to restrict her diet in any case. If you are worried about a particular food, eat a small amount and observe your baby. If your baby really seems to be bothered, you may consider avoiding that food - at least for a while.

Try to have a well balanced diet and eat and drink a variety of foods. It is recommended to eat foods in as natural a state as possible and avoid processed foods.

It is still widely believed that breastfeeding mothers need to drink a lot of fluids to have enough milk. This belief is wrong! You should drink to thirst. You are drinking enough when your urine is clear to pale yellow.

If you follow a very special diet (e.g. macrobiotic or vegan) ask your health care provider how this diet will affect breastfeeding and your milk.

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