The value of human milk

Breastmilk is a unique and fascinating living fluid. The breast is the organ producing breastmilk and it does so with the right nutrients in the right amount to match the needs of the baby. Breastmilk also contains stem cells and immune factors and even changes in flavour according to what mom eats! Human milk is specifically designed for human babies, for example, it has around 4% fat, while that of seals and whales has around 50% fat. The brain is the fattest organ of the body! The infant brain almost doubles in mass in the first 6 months of life making the unique components of breastmilk, especially the fats, so important for optimal brain development! There are literally thousands of different ingredients in breastmilk, the vast majority of which cannot be replicated artificially. Scientists are continually discovering new components, making this an exciting research journey that Medela is proud to be a part of.

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