Tips hands free expression

Expressing hands free is now an option for many mothers. With specially designed bras it is possible to attach the breastshield to the breast and continue with gentle daily activities e.g. reading or surfing the net. We do not advise driving whilst hands free pumping.

This may take some practice to ensure a correct fit and complete draining of the breasts.

The following tips may help:

  • Do not fix the shields too tight to the breast.
  • After the first session - check the shape of the nipple and look for any marks on the breast made by the breastshield.
  • Adjust the tension, if necessary, to ensure the flow of milk is not restricted.
  • Massage the breast occasionally during pumping to ensure milk from all ducts flows freely.
  • Feel the breast all over after pumping to check for complete breast draining.
  • Pump maybe once or twice a day, without the hands free option.

If you feel that your breasts are not drained completely after using the hands free option stop using it for one or two days. Observe for red marks or engorgement. If the breast becomes engorged or red marks appear, consult a health professional immediately.

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